Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dhaka to Kolkata Journey Experience by Maitree Express Video with ENGLISH Subtitle by A Rahman ATIK

Experience of visiting and coming from Kolkata to Kolkata from Friendship Train

Ticket price of the Maitree Train -

Non AC chair: Tk 660

AC chair: Tk 1133
AC cabin: 1886 taka
(This will add 500 taka travel tax with this rental)
You can buy tickets from 29 days earlier.
The current line is very big, so try to move in the morning. Tickets were sold from 9am onwards.

Take the lowest $ 150 meditation. And keep with Andrew's paper.
Immigrations can take time.
And of course, 500 rupees.

Between 7.30am and try to stay in cantonment station.
Just leave the train at 8.10 am.

Train Price:
Breakfast: 100 taka
Noon rice / chicken biryani 150 rupees
Chai Rs 10, coffee: 15 taka
Pudding 20 taka
Besides, Chocolate will also be available.
(From this train, you can not only get the message without a visit and no one, so eat all the food from the train)

You will be seen in the afternoon at 12.30. End the immigration If you do not have Dollars at this place then you need to give a guilt. You will be able to take Tk. 5000 with Bangla money. But after that many times the police of Bangladesh are disturbed and ask if they have 3-4 hundred taka. (1-1.30 hours train will stop here) After that, Bangladesh will pose at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. There you have to take everything with you. And the immigrant officer who gives 100 rupees or rupees, will give him niggery. (1-1.30 hours train will stop)

After that at 7pm (in Bangladesh time) you will reach Calcutta railway station. There are many taxis on the street and you will see that many taxis are left out of station. The new market will go away with a bargain of 200-250 rupees. Rent from the taxi, which was brought by 500 rupees, you pay it. Go to Money Exchanges to make a dollar. And buy an Indian SIM. In Calcutta New Market you will get a good quality hotel starting from 1000. With WiFi;) Do not forget to share my videos if they are good. : D Thank you Atik: D.

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